We share a passion for all things culinary from specialty foods and ingredients to unique recipes and preparation technique. Almond Blossom offers a selection of small batch roasted sweet, savory and spicy almonds, pecans, cashews and specialty brittles with flavor profiles ranging from classic Bavarian to Asian inspired Thai Chili to fusion Maple Chipotle.  In addition to our fresh roasted nuts, we also make signature butter brittles including our Sea Salt and Roasted Cashew and Maple Chipotle Almond flavors.



Almond Blossom closed their retail store in the spring of 2019 but we still offer nut sales online or by phone. We also sell wholesale, take special orders and you will find us at local farmers markets and area events.  Ask your favorite retail store to carry Almond Blossom Roasted Nuts!

Build your own gift basket filled with our nuts, brittle's and gourmet selections.

We develop new products all the time. Check back for the latest food delights!

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 Almond Blossom in Leavenworth Village

Almond Blossom Roasted Nuts started with a German nut roaster resting on milk crates in the middle of the home kitchen of former owners Dan & Cathy Rodriguez where they developed many unique recipes. Their love of cooking and especially eating boldly flavored, simple food was the inspiration for our nut flavors. With regional flavors ranging from Latin Spicy to Asian Sweet and Sour and American Savory to European Sweet, we have a roast for everyone.

We roast daily in small batches – doesn't get any fresher!
All of our roasts start with premium grade whole nuts or seeds and a superior selection of over 30 different spices, spice blends, herbs and all natural flavorings. Some of our roasts are lightly glazed with cane sugar while others are sweetened with certified 100% pure honey.  We only use pure Altantic fine and Pacific flake sea salt with no additives. A very small amount of canola oil or real butter is used in our classic roasted cashews, pumpkin seeds and bar mix.  All of our roasts are gluten free with the exception of our beer almonds glazed with local Icicle Brewing Company’s Bootjack IPA.



*Premium Whole Nuts & Seeds



*Gluten Free



*Great Snack Food



*Roasted Fresh Daily





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