Call us nuts, but we also have a wide selection of pantry essentials to enhance the gourmet chef in you.
Stash Tea (Coming Soon)

​​Stash Tea is our favorite! We offer dozens of flavors in herbal, green, black, decaf and organic.

Pick one flavor or a mixed pack to try something new.

We pack in a lovely gift box for gift giving.

Share with the office or your bridge club!

Visit Our Parent Company!


Visit our parent company,, for a wonderful selection

of small batch, artisan jams, apple and pear butters.

Produced in Leavenworth daily, this is the freshest jam you can buy!

Also sold in local retail stores.




Honey & Agave Sticks (Coming Soon)

We carry agave sticks and several flavors of honey sticks. These are a great

pick me up with a burst of sweetness as well as a wonderful gift for tea lovers. Throw one

in your lunchbox as an after meal treat!